Brain Washing

Brain Washing
The media domination on fortress minds by The Trojan Horse

For many years society’s geniuses have used the excitement, free from their goals, as a stimulant for the society’s powerful weapon. Also in these years, after the modernization of media and advertising, they have attempted to create unrealistic topics by creating false excitements.
We should noticed that not only the excitement leads to sudden and temporary events but also the medias are trying to change first, behaviors, styles, and then the intellectual foundations of society by creating the excitements, and it is the bitter and unacceptable concept of brainwashing.
Presumably the word “brainwashing” has made a bad concept in mind, but that is astounding, washing has a good meaning and beside any worlds sends a positive concept, however with the word “mind” or “brain” creates an unpleasant combination which few men accept that.
Of course, the writer counts this unpleasant combination, as one common word that according to its purpose happens until the brainwashing becomes a holy process.
The secret of this unpleasantness is that nowadays humans accept to be follower in areas of thought instead to try showing themselves as self-made person; however this beautiful claim has been unreal.
In the other side, adult person’s mind reacts against to be penetrated and doesn’t accept entering of any outer idea.
This oppositeness of mind with outer idea and the bad feeling of brainwashing is the biggest obstacle for media, but we see today, not only the media hasn’t standed behind the gates, but also has grown its supremacy on minds.
They have done the biggest deceit against the biggest obstacle. They create this concept perceptibly in contact’s mind that which they are putting in your mind it’s just the result of your own thought. in fact by hiding this fact that they are telling the truth, they feed the content with the bead of uncompleted truth, lie, unrelated subjects, and partiality statements.
These beads just need a ring to become a completed idea. This connection be created automatically in the contact’s mind by this perceptible, wisely, and spitefully arrangement, and this is the unpleasant concept of brainwashing that now is offer to contact in the fine and acceptable shape of news coverage and freedom of expression.
At a closer look the media tries today to hide its seductive nature in shape of guidance.
Seductiveness means realization a false belief, and it is the exact point against the guidance, and the guidance is that holy function of brainwashing.
A media, whether or not is always sending concepts to the contact’s mind, and The Trojan Horse is the way of influence of these concepts to the impenetrable fortress of mind that reacts to brainwashing.
In fact, the media passes its seductive unite through the gates of this fortress as a gift. This wooden gift, somehow manifests in the person’s mind. For someone as a gift of world of technology, for some people present of freedom and even for someone is a divine gift. This gift has entered to the mental fortress that reacted to influence of any foreign ideas. This is the time that the second level starts and that is releasing homogeneous mixture of true, false, unrelated, and biased statements the last level of this penetration strategy by the mind is showing more than a suicide that mind sticks to gather the deduction and ideas that it thought, and completes the uncompleted puzzle, and imperfect partial chain and this is the tragic end of seduction in shape of guidance.
At the end, the writer’s idea is that the best way to be safe of this seductive strategy is recognizing the line of thought and the media positions to protect the fortress mind from any influence, and this is an interpretation of the words Imam Baqir (PBHU) that said about the verse “ Then let man look to his food ” ۱Holy Quran , verse 24 of surah abasa : the man should see from whom he earns his knowledge ۲Al Kafi , volume 1 , page 50 .

Translated by Alireza Poor Bahrami
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  • ۱
    Holy Quran , verse 24 of surah abasa
  • ۲
    Al Kafi , volume 1 , page 50

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